Ground Penetrating Radar

Sub-Surface Gallery

SIR-3000 GPR system

The SIR-3000 GPR system with 400 MHz antenna scanning for underground storage tanks under SLAB on grade. This is performed in a grid pattern in multiple directions.

Underground tanks

The two parabolic features in the GPR data photo shows two suspect underground storage tanks within 31" of the surface. These are marked on the day of the GPR survey with marking paint. Both ends and centerline would be marked along with the approximate depth and orientation.

Rebar location

This data photo shows each of the individual rebar (reinforcement bars ) with vertical dash lines representing the center of each length of rebar. We will mark the center of each bar, as seen in the next picture.

Utility location unit

Professional Utility Locating unit used in the broadcast mode for the location of an underground water line which was marked in BLUE from the building to the street.

Excavation Marking

The above picture shows the parabolic feature of a suspect underground utility. Our ground penetrating radar can locate metallic and non-metallic pipes, as well as water, electric and communication lines.

Marked reinforcement bar

The hyperbolic center of each of reinforcement bar is marked on the concrete slab, for easy identification.

Concrete Scanning

1.5 Ghz antenna used for shallow scanning through a concrete floor on grade. This is used to locate utilities within the slab, as well as, to mark out the centerlines of reinforcement bars (rebar) within the concrete.

Marked drain lines

Markings on the asphalt pavement indicate the direction of suspect storm drains. All underground utilities found in the data are painted on site, on the day of the GPR survey. Professional Utility Detectors are implemented in all GPR surveys when Proposed Boring Locations are marked.

Excavation Marking

Detailed markings on a proposed boring location. We will cover a minimum of a 10' square around all of the boring locations as part of our standard operating procedure.

ferromagnetic magnetometers

One of our ferromagnetic magnetometers used for the location of pins, UST's in areas where GPR cannot be performed. Each of our fleet vehicles have metal detectors as standard equipment.

Ground Radar Scanning

SIS founder, Paul Bacon, in the field with the SIR-3000 ground penetrating radar system. The SIR-3000 is a portable and lightweight to allow for single-user operation. This system provides accurate GPR data and precise target location and depth

Utility location

Professional utility locating systems can operate in multiple modes such as broadcast, direct connect, induction and passive. This allows us to trace a pipe or wire by inducing a signal into the line and locating it with a receiving unit as shown in the photos. This red clamp is sending a signal into the line which will travel over its long axis.